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Every time the phone call
[14/08/14 04:11AM]
people for the victims of
[14/08/14 04:10AM]
Xiaohong previously disclosed
[14/08/14 04:10AM]
with the effective protection
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he arranged for the
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   Every time the phone call [14/08/14 04:11AM]   
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call, the phone screen will pop up a red button prompt, which has "encryption" word, when clicked, can enter the call encryption mode. "If ordinary conversation, talking, feeling more sensitive conversations can also be transferred to the encryption mode, probably about one second, will be transferred in the past."A few days with down, Gil felt...

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   people for the victims of [14/08/14 04:10AM]   
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fighters after the transfer of the affected people for the victims of the message, has been very sad, for he wanted to come today off. "Yunnan Provincial Public Security Frontier Corps Hospital duty squadron leader Tan Ying Lian said three times, "I did not expect," he said Xie Qiao lifetime of a soldier is not particularly loud, but the diligent...

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   Xiaohong previously disclosed [14/08/14 04:10AM]   
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reported, does not deal with the situation. Assessment efforts are expected to be large, the main leaders of the provinces will have a direct impact.According to Li Xiaohong previously disclosed: This year, the central inspection teams to strengthen the inspection of patrol work, wherever he went, the investigation leading group meetings patrol,...

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   with the effective protection [14/08/14 04:09AM]   
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China to America, rural America must; China to rich farmers must be rich." This means that, with the booming industry, a beautiful home, a growing drum pockets, with the effective protection of the rights and interests of farmers, only the "decent" in order to continue in the field of hope Growth dream, harvest happiness.Today, only lengthen short...

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   he arranged for the [14/08/14 04:09AM]   
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first no, the second no, the third is the fear of violent gang leader Abudurexiti Bachmann a relationship between people's house, backed by the road, after the wall has two small windows two feet square, next to the blue the color of the courtyard "Iron General" door. "The house is on the left, you go to the right, in case they raid." Smashing...

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